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As a coach I draw extensively (but not exclusively) on the Thinking Session model developed by Nancy Kline.  Based on an attitude of genuine non-judgement and real interest in the client’s - rather than the coach’s - agenda, a coaching session provides clients with the conditions to obtain real clarity for themselves about key issues, allowing them to regain perspective, stay true to their values, set goals, generate new ideas, maintain balance and reduce stress. 

Identifying and removing the Limiting Assumptions that may be blocking the achievement of their goals happens through a series of carefully crafted questions.  These seem to mirror what the mind does naturally, given the right circumstances.  The result is greater creativity and authenticity, enhanced learning and more effective, quicker action.

My starting point is that clients are the experts in their own lives and work.  With the generative power of my attention and a small number of powerful but non-invasive questions, they can come to decisions that are better - and, crucially, more likely to be acted upon - than if I think I know what’s best for them and offer advice.  (Which is not to say that I don’t give my opinions and feedback, when asked.)

It’s not an approach that suits everyone, however;  it can require considerable courage to examine what YOU really think.

“Every individual is a marvel of unknown and unrealised possibilities”


“My three coaching sessions with you were the best thing I’ve ever done.  It was a real awakening.”

Jackie Sullivan, General Manager, Women’s’ Health and Children’s services, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust

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“Anne is a leader in her field and a rare being.  She combines a razor-sharp mind and intellectual rigour with great warmth and humour, giving people the courage to take their thinking to new levels and create exceptional results. 

Generous with her time and her knowledge, she also has a can-do attitude which is just the stimulus I need at times.”

Charlotte Baker, Founder, OutThere HQ