What does it take for someone to do their clearest, most independent thinking?

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This was the question that Nancy Kline and her colleagues – prompted by the observation that the quality of the action we take depends on the quality of the thinking we do first – set out to explore in 1973.

The answers to that question resulted in the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment®, a model of human interaction that liberates the human mind to think for itself with unprecedented clarity, originality and rigour.

The Ten Components - essentially a way of being with people, rather than a set of tools or techniques - can be applied in almost any situation where people need to think well, either individually or in teams or groups.  All that is required is the courage to explore.

To learn more about the Ten Components, and to test the extent to which you already create a Thinking Environment around you,  click here.  

I met and first trained with Nancy Kline in 1993 and am one of an elite group of consultants authorized by her company Time to Think Ltd. to teach the Thinking Environment® and its applications internationally.  In 2009 I became the first Time to Think Practicum Consultant, mentoring, supervising and assessing the practical work of new Thinking Environment facilitators, coaches and consultants, and joined the Time to Think global faculty, giving me access to all the latest developments in this approach.

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“Anne is one of the world’s top experts in the Thinking Environment process, and she lives and embodies the principles and components of a Thinking Environment.

People become effectively smarter, kinder, more imaginative and more rigorous when they think in her presence.  Teams also develop and perform at levels formerly out of reach.

She is thorough and organised, and always meticulous in honouring agreements and delivering expectations. And she is a joy to be with.”

Nancy Kline, President, Time to Think Ltd.